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Although the principles for enabling children to become fully proficient multilinguals through schooling are well known, most Indigenous and minority children are not provided with multilingual education, which would enable them to succeed both in school and in society.

In this important book, experts from around the world show how multilingual education can be provided, and. This book brings together visions and realities of multilingual schools throughout the world to examine the pedagogical, socioeducational and sociopolitical issues that impact on their development and success.

The book considers issues of multilingual schooling in different countries and for diverse populations and groups, while taking into account the global pressures of the 21st century. Customers in New York State and in Canada will also be charged the appropriate sales tax. Please send me the books ticked above.


Information about all the titles in our Linguistic Diversity and Language Rights series. Mohanty and Minati Panda English Language as Hydra argues that, far too often, the English language industry has become a swirling, beguiling monster, unashamedly intent on challenging local lingua-diversity and threatening individual identities. The site is updated regularly, so check back often. To suggest a new entry: please contact info rutufoundation. Read More Linguistic Diversity and Social Justice: An Introduction to Applied Sociolinguistics This book by Ingrid Piller examines the connection between linguistic diversity and inequality in employment, education and community participation.

Read the full report Language Issues in Comparative Education Comparative studies of education systems around the world, with a focus on non-dominant languages and cultures in education. Read More Language Policies in Education. Critical Issues, 2nd ed. Read more here Mother-Tongue Education: Policy Lessons for Quality and Inclusion Policy Brief from the Global Campaign for Education to inform policy makers on increasing literacy rates, including latest developments from around the world.

Read the policy brief Introduction to Issues and Implications for Children Learning to Read in Multilingual Settings A review of research and practices in second language literacy learning. A Global View Powerful argument by two of the leading experts globally, Tove Skutnabb-Kangas and Robert Dunbar Read the book Educational Equity for Children from Diverse Language Backgrounds Mother tongue-based bilingual or multilingual education in the early years Review of research and program reports on mother tongue based bilingual education. Read the summary Language and Education: The Missing Link Study aimed at senior policy makers as well as donor agencies supporting basic education in low and middle income countries.

Read the report Addressing Challenges to Children's Rights to Use their Mother Tongue in Early Education and Schooling Great summary of the mother tongue education land scape past and present by Jessica Ball, a leading global expert. Read the full report Social Justice Through Multilingual Education Examples from around the world showing how multilingual schooling can be provided for indigenous and minority children. Read more Bilingual Education in the 21st Century: A Global Perspective A comprehensive examination of the history and current state of bilingual education programs through the world.

Read more Mother Tongue Matters: Local Language as a Key to Effective Learning Four useful cases to help inform educators and decision-makers when to consider mother tongue-based bilingual or multilingual education programs. Read the report Girls, Educational Equity and Mother Tongue Based Teaching Rutu Advisor, Carol Benson, looks at mother tongue-based schooling as an effective strategy for addressing girls' school participation.

Read now Education, Multilingualism and Translanguaging in the 21st Century The author, leading expert Ofelia Garcia, questions dominant beliefs about bilingualism and asks what language practices we need to nurture minority language students. Read the chapter Seminar on Indigenous Education : Effective practice, mutual learning OECD report providing government policy advisors and programme designers with insights on successful practices to support strong futures for indigenous peoples across the world.

Download the report Advocacy Kit for Promoting Multilingual Education: Including the Excluded This UNESCO kit is designed to raise awareness on the importance of mother tongue-based multilingual education Read now In Their Own Language: Education for All This World Bank paper outlines the benefits of first language instruction, covering increased access and equity; improved learning outcomes; reduced repetition and dropout rates; socio-cultural benefits and lower overall costs. Read the paper. Read summary Translanguaging in Curriculum and Instruction: Guide for Educators Guide for educators explaining how translanguaging strategies can be used to help bilingual students.

Intended for US educators but also useful for teachers elsewhere.

Linguistic Rights of National Minorities

Read the guide Indigenous Youth and Multilingualism Language identity, ideology, and practice in the dynamic cultural world. Read the summary. Read the plan Met open oren. Vreemde talenonderwijs aan jonge kinderen op Aruba Handbook for teachers about multilingual education in Dutch only. Read more.

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Read more Culture Camps for Language Learning Handbook: Immersion Handbook A resource for indigenous communities on planning and carrying out language and culture immersion camps. Download the handbook Language and Culture Immersion Programs Handbook Practical tool for elders, community members, teachers and others involved in language and culture immersion. Download the handbook.

A how-to guide on establishing and operating playschool programmes for indigenous communities based on experiences in Malaysia. Read the Brief Mother Tongue as Bridge Language of instruction: Policies and Experiences in Southeast Asia Compendium of language policies, case studies and general recommendations for mother tongue-based education in Southeast Asia, co-published by the World Bank.

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Read the article. Download here Giving Space to African Voices. Rights in Local Languages and Local Curriculum Collection of articles demonstrating the necessity for a locally grounded curriculum with local languages to enhance African children's rights to education. Read the study To understand lessons, think through your own languages An analysis of narratives in support of the introduction of indigenous languages in the education system in Senegal.

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Read more Steps forward and new challenges: indigenous communities and mother-tongue education in southern Africa Article discussing the particular challenges facing the indigenous San community in southern Africa. Read more Bilingualism, language policies and educational strategies in Africa Short overview article highlighting language policies in post-colonial Africa.

Read the article here. Read the report Ruimte voor nieuwe talenten: Keuzes rond nieuwkomers op de basisschool Expert advice for educators on language support for newcomers in Dutch classrooms. In Dutch with online English translations. Read the report Migrants in European Schools: learning and maintaining languages Thematic report from a programme of expert workshops and peer learning activities by the European Commission.

Jung, M.

Krauss, M. Ladd, P. Lane, H. Loh, J. Macaulay, R. Maffi, L.

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Linking Language, Knowledge and the Environment. The Smithsonian Institute Press. Makoni, S. Multilingual Matters. Ortega , I. Idiazabal , A. Juaristi , V. Junyent , B. May, S. Mazrui, A. Mishler, B.

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